Steve-Dougherty-ImageWhite Label PLR Videos is a website where visitors can learn from and more importantly, earn from private label rights videos. Each video is white label meaning there is zero branding on them and the high quality videos are a must for your customers.

You can add them to your members area, your website as content or pretty much anything so long as you do not pass on any of the source files as dictated in the license agreement shown on the sales / home page.

I pride myself on not just the quality recording of each video but also the quality editing which seems to be lacking in a majority of other PLR videos on the market.

About Me And My Online Business History

Being an Airforce Brat, my parents, brother & I would move to a new military base about every 4 years. This had a major impact in how I developed as a young hoodlum all the way into being an adult hoodlum. I eventually grew out of the hoodlum phase. It took 40 years but I did grow out of it. 😉

The constant moving had a benefit in that it taught me that I needed to make new friends about every four years – unfortunately, those friendships never lasted longer than 4 years.

I am living proof that there is a God. There is no other way that I would have survived the 70’s and 80’s (& eventually the 90’s) if there were no ‘supreme being’.

Oh, some of the stories I can tell…I keep threatening that one day I’ll write my autobiography. It would definitely be a page turner.

Okay, fast forward to post adult hoodlum phase (for the most part anyway)…

I was a Real Estate Broker for almost 20 years in a unique niche. I never sold any real estate but had 3 offices at one time in St.Louis and worked with others in several other cities from California to Tenn.

I sold information. A lot of it.

Years later I accidentally came across this thing called Internet Marketing. Make money on the Internet – yea right, this had to be a scam.

Well I did a bit of research into this Internet marketing thing because how cool would it be to make money from the comfort of your own home while in your PJ’s.

Better yet, make money even while you are not at home.

After a considerable amount of reading and watching online videos of others hocking their goods, I decided to dip my toe in the internet marketing waters & see if I could make ANY money at this.

I purchased resell rights to several videos – these same videos showed how to build web pages and sell things online, among other things. I sold my first set of videos and made 3 dollars. You would have thought it was a million bucks the way I carried on.

Well that 3 dollars proved to me that Internet Marketing was not a scam and that if done properly, it can be a life-style changing endeavor.

That was 8+ years ago and I have enjoyed every bit of income and freedom that Internet Marketing has provided me.

Currently I create and sell Internet Marketing How-To videos. I have several sites – most all are WordPress sites by the way – but my main site is PLR Video Direct. If you have been in or around the Internet Marketing niche for any length of time, you may not have heard of me but you have probably seen some of my videos.

One of the things about creating training videos in the private label niche is that, when done properly, no one is aware of who the original creator is.


I love to help people so if you happen to have a question about any of my videos or what the heck…anything at all, I’ll do my best to try and help, or simply tell you I have no clue.

Thanks again for your visit.

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Steve Dougherty (& Bennie)

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