Getting Video Traffic to Work for You

Video marketing has only grown into a formidable powerhouse of traffic since it blossomed onto the marketing scene. Some people know what theyre doing with it and others struggle and give up before they succeed.

There are many tools and ideas that can help you get traction with your videos. First you need to make sure you have a good idea for a video. Sometimes that means putting yourself on video and other times it means recording a screen.

The key idea to have people enjoy the video, or gain important information from it so you dont want to be pausing for long periods while you try to think of what to do in the video. Flying by the seat of your pants isnt a good idea have a plan mapped out.

Make sure that your video setting is aesthetically pleasing to your viewer. There are a lot of poorly lit videos where the person has a mess in the background. If youre going for professionalism, then create a professional scene. It doesnt have to look like a news studio, but tidy up a bit.

Make sure your audio is pleasing to the ear. The first thing you want to do ass far as sound is concerned is eliminate outside noise. You dont want family members yelling in the background or your voice to have to compete with the television or radio. If youre talking, then you want people to hear what you have to say.

If youre intimidated by putting yourself on video, then take time to get yourself together so that youll feel confident and at ease on camera. Dont worry about the occasional trolls who leave negative comments they do it to everyone so you have to just ignore them.

Keep your video to an acceptable timeframe. Its best to split up the video into a series than to make one long, on-going video. A good timeframe is 3-5 minutes if you want it to go viral.

Dont make your video spammy. The best way to get it shared and ranked high on video sites (and Google) is to make it useful. Nobody likes to watch a commercial unless it has a blatant humorous effect.

Once youve finished your video creation using a good quality camera that doesnt create a grainy scene, you can use a variety of video tools to enhance your creation or even blast it out to dozens of video sites on your behalf.