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How To Make A PLR Video Special & Desirably Effective

How To Make A PLR Video Special & Desirably Effective?

A private label rights video comes at a very economic price. It gives a firm foundation to any company that plans to embark on a journey of exploring video marketing. A PLR video is a great starting point to reach out to your online audience and to market products or services.

However, a private label rights video may not be ready to be hosted when you purchase it. A white label video may be customised but not always do companies buy a custom made PLR video. In case you are buying a private label rights video randomly, you must tweak it to meet your specific needs. Since a PLR video is churned out by the producers for multiple clients or for different yet similar purposes, it may not be exactly personalised for your brand, product or purpose.

Thus, it is imperative for you to customise your video so it is special and desirably effective. Here is how you can make your PLR video truly different.

  • First, you can amend the content that is presented in the white label video. You would certainly have a specific product or service to sell. Not only should you change the content to reflect what you have to offer, you must also change the tonal quality of the presentation. When you tweak the presentation, the visual aesthetics of the white label video and tweak the content presented, you are bound to have a special video at your disposal.
  • Second, you must always add a personal touch to a PLR video. There can be some distinct imagery that your audiences associate your brand with. You must add such imagery. Include taglines that your company uses and bring in all such flavors that your brand is known for. A personal touch goes a long way in establishing a connection with your audience. Random videos or impersonal videos would never be as effective as those that directly address the audience on a personal note.
  • Third, you can use all the skills you have and add different effects to the private label rights video to make it special. Using normal editing tools, you can change the type of transitions within the video, add some special graphic work or some effects that can capture the fancy of your audience.

There are myriad ways to make your white label video truly special. It is up to you how you wish to work on it.

White Label Videos And How To Make Money From Them


White Label PLR Video cranking out money imageBasically there are 2 ways to profit from White Label or PLR videos.

1. Purchase & Resell PLR Videos

One way, and this is the way most people use, is to purchase the PLR videos and simply resell them.


1. Download your purchase

2. Upload them to your server

3. Edit or create a sales & thank you page for your clients to purchase and download from

4. Add the payment button to your sales page

5. Add the products zip file links from your server to the thank-you/download page

6. Upload your sales & download page to your server and begin your marketing campaign to drive traffic to your sales page.

This is the ‘In-A-Nutshell’ version but it is a quick and simple way to profit from your purchase of White Label videos.

The one major drawback to this method of profiting from White Label videos, is that most people use this method and the only real way to compete with everyone else is on price. So the price war begins and it is not long before the price is in the toilet and people are reselling that $47 series of videos for 5 bucks or less.

Now if you have a large and responsive mailing list then this method rocks. You can send out a notice to your subscribers within minutes of you uploading your sales & thank you pages as described earlier. Of course this requires you to have that large and responsive list of subscribers.

2. Purchase Then Re-Do Then Resell

The other way to profit from your private label rights ( PLR ) videos is to edit or re-purpose them before you upload them to your server as mentioned in step 2 in the previous option.

Disclaimer time…

This method will require some effort on your part. Even if that effort comes in the form of you looking for someone you can outsource the ‘work’ to.

If you are one of the bazillion people that are into Internet Marketing because you believed that person that said you can make buckets of bucks without any work at all…

Well I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. It is in the San Francisco area – it is a Golden Deal for sure!

Seriously though, one of the best ways to secure long-term success in Internet Marketing is to have your own product. With White Label PLR videos, Continue reading White Label Videos And How To Make Money From Them

Do You Need To Invest In Private Label Rights Video

Do You Need To Invest In Private Label Rights Video?

A small to medium business doesn’t have the luxury to invest tons of money into anything. There are strict budgets and within that one has to cater to its production and operations, marketing and sales, customer service and also take care of overhead costs. Naturally, the marketing budget cannot be a fortune. In such a scenario, every investment must be assessed to understand if it is absolutely needed.

The simple answer to whether or not you should invest in private label rights video is that you cannot avoid such an investment. In any case, a PLR video doesn’t cost much and the benefits that it has to offer are much more important than the small cost. Here are a couple of reasons why you must invest in private label rights video.

Does your company need video marketing?

Every business needs to invest in internet marketing. Having a towering presence online, reaching out to people online and trying to increase sales or generating leads through the internet are no longer alternate choices. They have become imperative. The popularity of videos is unprecedented and the rewarding effects of video marketing are beyond doubt.

In such a climate, can you afford to ignore video marketing? The answer is no. If you cannot avoid video marketing then you must have videos to host and circulate. Can you produce your own videos? If you wish to do so then you need to invest heavily in that exercise. The simple way out is to buy a white label video and use it to circulate the contents you want.

The simplest way to engage in video marketing is with a private label rights video.

The benefits of private label rights video!

You invest a very small amount of money to buy a private label rights video. You get the ownership to it, you get a professionally produced high quality video that you can tweak according to your needs and wishes and you can keep on using that as a template for all future purposes. All these and more become available to you at a small fee. A private label rights video rewards you exponentially, both from the perspective of finance and branding.

No company can ignore internet marketing or video marketing. The simplest way to approach video marketing is to buy, tweak and use a PLR video.